We say Alma's name on our site a lot, and for good reason. Obviously, we wouldn't be FREE THE WORK without her. But more than just our founder, she's currently generating major awards buzz with her narrative directorial debut feature, Honey Boy. Based on screenwriter Shia Labeouf's childhood, the film is an intimate and awe-inspiring portrait of a young actor's turbulent relationship with his father, and a true labor of love for Har'el and LaBeouf.

In this live AMA, get up close and personal with the brilliant creative that is Alma Har'el. Whether you've got FREE THE WORK questions or a list of curiosities about all-things Honey Boy, the floor is yours.

With Honey Boy about to take over award season, it's going to be hard to book a 1-on-1 meeting over coffee with Alma. Hop on this chance!

If you're a Plus member, throw your questions in the pot by logging on and heading over to the Community page on Monday Nov. 25th at 1pm PST!

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