What is FTW Connects?

FTW Connects links up mentors with mentees for a single hour-long Q&A session over Zoom. Check out our latest episode below!

For all our writers and development execs in the making, this #FTWCONNECTS is for you!

Hillman Grad President Rishi Rajani linked up with mentees for an hour-long Q&A session, which was recorded live on September 15th. Pull out that notebook and take notes on all of the valuable industry advice you may have missed!

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Rishi Rajani

Born in London, raised in upstate New York and Portland, Oregon, Rishi Rajani discovered his love of producing while attending NYU. He went on to work for 20th Century Fox, UTA, Paradigm, and Studio 8 where he rose through the ranks to become a development executive working in both film and TV.
Rishi joined Hillman Grad Productions in June 2018 as VP of Production and Development, and moved up to becoming President of the company. As a passionate advocate for diversity in storytelling he could not be more excited to be working for a company that continues to provide opportunities, break down barriers, and push the culture forward.
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