A lot of people could argue that August is the most boring month of year. There's less holidays, less fancy awards ceremonies, and way more heat to reckon with. But the FTW community proves that there's so many exciting things getting made every day!

The following commercials, branded content, short films, and music videos were directed by directors from our database, released this past summer.

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This list is alphabetical, so don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom!

What is “Here’s The Work”?

This newsletter represents a curated selection of the commercials, branded content, short films, and music videos that were directed by the talented directors in Free The Work’s global database and released over the months we’ve been away. Moving forward, we will be integrating film, television, webseries, documentaries and short-form projects from our directors as well.

Bear in mind, too, that while this list showcases the work of Free The Work directors, our site also is a one-stop-shop for discovering writers, editors, colorists, composers, and DOPs. A commitment to freeing the work doesn’t just stop at hiring a woman director—enrich your crews with underrepresented creators across production roles!


Bethan Seller | Sweet Media | UK

Danielle Katvan | 1stAveMachine | US

Jessica Sanders | Armoury | US

Lily Rose Thomas | Agile Films | UK

Mary Dauterman | Imposter | US

Tamara Rosenfeld | ContagiousLA | US

The dog days are over, indeed—we hope you feel as re-energized and empowered after watching all of that wonderful work!

Stay tuned for more by following all of our social media accounts (because waiting a whole month before getting updated is simply much too long). We'll see you all in the Fall!

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