Things are going really well for you. You’re making stuff that you can be proud of and you’re killing it at all those networking events. But then someone asks for your website. Unfortunately, social media like your MySpace, Tumblr, and Tinder account won’t cut it. Living without a website and depending solely on social media to present yourself online is the equivalent of living with your parents; the goal is to have a home that’s all yours. But chances are, you can’t make a site from scratch—you’re a filmmaker, not a computer scientist.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help you avoid spiraling into an existential crisis about whether or not you should’ve pursued computer science. Even better is that you really only need to read this guide, made specifically for filmmakers like you. In just one resource, you'll learn how to present your best face through a website that truly represents you and your work.

Don’t know what these words mean?


Well, you will soon. I’ll walk you through all the necessary vocab you’ll need, and provide you with examples of good fonts, websites, and (most importantly) website builders where you can access pre-made design options to make life even easier. - Margo Mars

And, because it’s made specifically for filmmakers like you, you’ll get a crash course on how to tell your story through your website and reel. So click on this link, hide your MySpace for good, and get back to doing the work you love!

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Margo Mars

Founder of Lief, a filmmaker-driven production company creating inventive content with an unmistakable individual style.
Having previously managed two global commercial production companies, she has a proven track record for cultivating innovative and imaginative approaches to working, nurturing the careers of filmmakers such as Alma Har'el, Natasha Khan, Danny Sangra and Eva Michon.
Mars' body of work has won numerous awards, including D&AD, British Arrows, Campaign, MVA, VMA, Kinsale, SHOTS and Tribeca X, as well as the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, Golds at the Clio's and LIA. Her films have been funded by Tribeca Studios, The BFI, The Guardian and Lush Film Fund.

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