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Artist: Summer Walker @summerwalker

Dir: Lacey Duke @laceyduke

DP: Tehillah De Castro @tehillahdecastro

PD: Lenny Tso @skycollective

Edit: Lacey Duke @laceyduke + Jacob Mendel @jacobmendel

Color: Au͏b͏r͏e͏y Wo͏o͏d͏i͏w͏i͏s͏s @aubreycolor

Prod: Julio Mata Jr. @juliomatajr


Artist: Arlo Parks @arlo.parks

Dir: Molly Burdett @mollyburdett

DP: Robbie Ryan

PD: Elena Muntoni @elenaaa.m

Stylist: Lucy Upton-Prowse @lucy_up

Edit: Tim Swaby @tim_swaby & Spindle @spindlefilms

Color: Tim Smith @timotheous & CHEAT @cheat_it

Prod Co: Spindle @spindlefilms

Prod: Ersan Beskardes @ersanbeskardes

EP: Miles Nathan @milonathan & Greg Hackett @greg_hackett

“Don’t Judge Me”

Artist: FKA Twigs @fkatwigs & Headie One @headieone & Fred Again.. @fredagainagainagainagainagain

Dir: FKA Twigs @fkatwigs & Emmanuel Adjei @emmanueladjei_

DP: Paul Özgür @paulozgur

PD: Paulina Rzeszowska @paulina_rze

Stylist: Theo White @theowhitewine & Matthew Josephs @matthew_josephs

Edit: Matt Newman @matt___newman & Trim Editing @trimediting

Color: Joppo @joppoindegrot & De Grot @de_grot

Prod Co: Object & Animal @objectandanimal & PHANTASM

Prod: Alex Chamblerlain @alchamberlain

EP: Morgan Clement @dutty_pictures & Dom Thomas @dom________________


Artist: Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones @thenbhd

Dir/Edit: Ramez Silyan @getmezzy

DP: Marz Miller @voxstraume

PD: Dredge Ops @dredgeops

Color: Kaitlyn Battistelli @kaitlynbattistelli & Ethos Studio @ethos_studio

Prod Co: Muddy Water@muddywater & BLK MTN @blkmtnla

Prod: Mike Lev @levxlev & McCray Sutherlin @_mccray


Artist: Keith P Buxton @keithpbuxton

Dir/DP/Edit: Ryan DeForeest @deforeest

PD: Janine Anne Uyunga @janinestagram

Prod Co: BXD Collective @bxdcollective

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Can you believe we are walking into AUGUST? The year is flying by, and we hope this new month is the restart you need to revisit that script, start that new hobby, or reconnect with a loved one. OK, enough with the sap, here are some music videos!