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Colectivo Los Ingrávidos

About: Colectivo Los Ingrávidos is a Mexican film collective founded in 2012 to dismantle the commercial and corporate audiovisual grammar and its embedded ideology. The collective is inspired by the historical avant-gardes, and their commitment to using both form and content against alienating realities.

For Sanctuary

About: For Sanctuary is a needs-based organization that provides a framework in which families, youth and the immigrant community can learn about issues that impact their daily lives. They’re able to offer a space for people to come together and learn how impactful it is to work together. In addition, they gather tools that can be used to create long lasting changes to their community.

Justice for My Sister

About: The Justice for My Sister Collective (JFMSC) creates safe spaces within marginalized communities to use audiovisual format to advocate for issues important to them. They aim to build the skills and professional development of local artists who are advocates for gender equality, anti-racism, and inclusion.

Latinx Arts Alliance

About: Five non-profit orgs formed Latinx Arts Alliance as a platform to maximize their collective impact and influence, amplify audience reach, and serve as strategic partner to promote Latinx art.

La Collab

About: La Collab seeks to develop transformational collaboration between the creative community, studios, buyers and other organizations towards the goal of doubling Latino representation in Hollywood by 2030. Their mission is to ignite a movement that inspires collaboration, accelerates Latino visibility and authentic representation, and drives exponential growth for the industry.

Latinx Design Directory

About: Created by Zuli Segura, this curated open-directory aims to give Latinx designers and technologists the visibility and platform that’s been long overdue. It’s here to provide exposure, be a resource, help land a job or a gig, and in the end, champion each other. It’s time for us to be seen.

Latinx Directors

About: For years, the conversation repeats itself: Latinos and Latinas are one of the most underrepresented ethnicities in front and behind the camera. That will no longer be the case with the creation of LATINX DIRECTORS, a database that showcases a community of talented Latinx directors who have the experience, ready to direct.

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures

About: Since 1989, the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures has delivered programs that stabilize and revitalize the US Latino arts and cultural sector via funding, leadership training, convenings, research, and advocacy.

National Hispanic Media Coalition

About: THE NHMC is a 35-year-old non-profit organization that builds bridges, creates opportunities, resources, and connects Latinx talent with the entertainment industry. They host a Series Scriptwriting program, a Latinx Stream Showcase for Actors, and award notable Latinx figures in the entertainment industry.


About: Nosotros is the oldest Latino arts advocacy organization in the United States founded by Hollywood legend Ricardo Montalbán in 1970; founded on the notion of unity, serves as a strong voice for Latinos in Media.

The Latinx House

About: The Latinx House is a gathering place for people who appreciate and support the Latinx community and who celebrate Latinx excellence in film and entertainment. They’re also a space to discuss pressing societal issues and the content creation related to these stories. As well as providing engagement, activation and community building opportunities.

UndocuFilmmakers Collective

About: Building upon the media justice organizing of other undocumented leaders, the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective tackles the systemic inequities that undocumented immigrants face in the field of filmmaking, by centering the expertise of undocumented people not only as sources of stories but more importantly as creators, artists, and primary audiences


Hola Mexican Film Festival / Tomorrow’s Filmmakers

About: Hola Mexico Film Festival is the largest Mexican film festival outside of Mexico that is currently using Pantaya, a Spanish-language streaming service, to host their films virtually. It has held 12 festivals thus far, with their 13th to happen in Fall 2021. A select few who have screened their films are also selected for a fellowship program that connects them with prominent directors, producers, and much more.

International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

About: The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival (IPRHFF)’s mission is to create platforms that allow a diverse pool of influencers in filmmaking to reach a broader audience. They develop programs that allow local and international filmmakers, from emerging artists to film industry veterans, to reach out to audiences throughout New York City and beyond.

Latinx in Animation / Latino Film Institute

About: Latinx in Animation represents a diverse group within the Animation, VFX, and Gaming industries dedicated to uniting a talented pool of innovators with a heart to create exceptional stories across multiple platforms.

MOLAA Afro-Latinx Festival

About: The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) highlights the diversity of Afro-Latinx experiences directly from artists, scholars, and community organizers most actively bringing attention to contemporary Afro-Latinx communities and their histories.

New York Latino Film Festival

About: Since its founding in 1999, the NYLFF produces culturally relevant and entertaining experiences that build audiences for Latino cinema, support the film community with professional development and foster relationships for Latino talent. Programming includes the flagship film festival in New York City, competition programs and community programs.

Philadelphia Latino Film Festival

About: PHLAFF’s programming focuses on the diverse experiences and realities of their people. PHLAFF has evolved into an international film festival that brings the best of Latino and Latinx stories to a wide audience.

San Diego Latino Film Festival

About: The San Diego Latino Film Festival is a 11-day celebration of Latino Cinema, Arts & Culture. The festival presents over 100+ films online from Latin America, the United States, and Spain as well as live virtual Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and more.

Sundance Institute Feature Film Program Latinx Fellowship

About: The Sundance Institute Fellowship supports one U.S.-based Latinx writer or writer/director through participation in either the Screenwriters Lab or the Screenwriters Intensive. Applications for the 2022 development track will open April 2021 and can be accessed at

The Latino Film Institute / Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

About: The Latino Film Institute (LFI) showcases, strengthens, and celebrates the richness of Latino lives by providing a pipeline, platform, and launching pad into the entertainment industry. The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) is an international event dedicated to showcasing the human experience from the Latino perspective, whether through film, television, digital, music, art, regardless of platform.


Las Fotos Project

About: Las Fotos Project is a community-based nonprofit organization that inspires teenage girls through photography, mentorship, and self-expression. Offering year-round programming, we provide girls with access to professional cameras, quality instruction and workshops that encourage them to explore their identity, build leadership and advocacy skills, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being.

MASA: Media Arts Santa Ana

About: Media Arts Santa Ana (MASA) is a community-based digital arts organization whose mission is to inspire the growth and development of the Media Arts in Santa Ana by empowering youth and adults through free and accessible classes, festivals, screenings, access to technology, workshops, social media training, networking opportunities and special initiatives.

Youth Cinema Project

About: To close the Achievement Gap, YCP's curriculum is aligned with English and VAPA Standards. Every student, no matter his or her academic background, writes from experience, learns the value of their voice and promotes their ideas, verbally and in writing. Young filmmakers learn graduate-level concepts and decide how to apply them to their films, while collaborating and problem solving with their peers. YCP is not a classroom exercise in which students pretend to be filmmakers. Every Youth Cinema Project student is a filmmaker.



About: Bese is a publication of liberty and justice for all to highlight diverse, but united individuals on supporting one another through our experiences and talents.


About: Mitú is the leading digital media company representing the Latino point of view among consumers 18-44. Through their multiple touch points in video, editorial, social media and commerce, connecting brands, content buyers, and creators to the massive community of Latino consumers in America.


About: Traditional Latin media was not for us..They were called “alternative,”, but what they were covering was the new mainstream. Along the way they met so many like-minded friends in other cities and countries that it sparked a movement. Today Remezcla reaches millions of readers and has built a brand that goes beyond the publication.


Latinx Parenting

About: Latinx Parenting believes passionately in shifting the paradigm of parenting towards creating a trauma-informed nonviolent approach where families can create connection and compassion in their homes and that supports individual, family and community healing.

Latinx Therapists Network

About: A bilingual podcast, a national directory to find a Latinx Therapist, and a collective where Latinx mental health professionals can receive support.

She Se Puede

About: She Se Puede is lifting up Latina power and leadership. They are a place for affirmation and inspiration. They ARE the place that knows you, that gets you and encourages you to go out and conquer the world. Welcome home.

The Hispanic Star

About: The Hispanic Star is a collective effort to unify Hispanics and bring solutions that help them overcome barriers they face. Leading companies, Hispanic organizations and community leaders have joined together providing relief to people in need, opportunities or career development and support Hispanic families.

The Mujersita

About: The Mujersita is a new media platform and community breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions of millennial women with Hispanic and Latin American heritage.


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Freshman at Cal State Los Angeles. Brother of Phi Sigma Kappa. Currently, I'm fascinated by Music Videos, having made my first in August of 2020. I was born in Inglewood but raised in the South Bay since the age of 9. Growing up, I've always wanted to be a Youtuber, but eventually, I ended up in Ghetto Film School, where I got to grow as a filmmaker but, more importantly, as a person.

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