A huge thanks is due to Your Mother (Tannaz Hazemi, Kelly Fulton, and Ali Steele) and lawyer Peter Kaufman of Kaufman Abdel-Aal LLP for hosting our first-ever community discussion on FTW!

The event was a major success, with rapid-fire questions coming from all directions. It's hard for creatives to get legal advice from a reputable source, so we have never felt more empowered to take charge of that fine print!

Here are a few main takeaways from the discussion.

Main takeaway 1
Main takeaway 5
Main takeaway 6

"One parting thought:

Please consider incorporating an arbitration provision into your service agreements; especially if you've got more than a couple of thousand dollars at risk. AAA arbitration and IFTA (for entertainment disputes only) have cost effective dispute resolution (full disclosure: I am an arbitrator on both panels). Your mileage may vary, so ask a lawyer for help to determine if this is right for you."

-Peter Kaufman

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