DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What."

Beyoncé's "Formation."

Mitski's "Happy."

What do all of these have in common? Their directors are on this episode of the FREE THE WORK podcast.

Together, Daniel Kwan, Maegan Houang, and Melina Matsoukas talk with FTW founder Alma Har'el about the biggest challenges they encountered while they were on the come-up. Like "never making one dollar" through their music video work and moving across the country for a gig. Learn how to protect yourself through careful contract negotiation and how to shift over into narrative work (Daniel co-directed Swiss Army Man).

Future music video directors—you're going to want in on this.

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Production Sound & Editor: Jasmine Chen

FTW X WDMV-6 (1)

This conversation with Melina Matsoukas, Daniel Kwan, and Maegan Houang was brought to you by We Direct Music Videos, in partnership with Free The Work. We Direct Music Videos is a community that pushes for improvements in the music video process and vocalizes the need for respect, transparency, and less free work on behalf of the thousands of music video directors in the industry.

For more about how WDMV stands up for creators, check out this article about Maegan's journey through the music video industry, and how she became involved in the org.

Also be sure to catch Alma's film Honey Boy when it drops in theaters on November 8th, and Melina's film Queen and Slim on November 27th. Keep scrolling to view the directors' work!

WDMV - LA Meet Up - Courtesy of WDMV

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