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sam jay
song without a name
work it

Must-See Streaming Film Releases

Please note that all dates are specific to the United States.

Recently Released Films

Melina León's Song Without a Name (virtual cinemas)

Marjane Satrapi's Radioactive (Amazon Prime)

Siba Shakib's Made in Islam (VOD – Germany exclusive)

Romola Garai's Amulet (VOD)

Catalina Arroyave Restrepo's Days of the Whale (virtual cinemas)

Lisa Cortes's and Farah X's (Co-Directors), Lisa Cortes's, Farah X's, Emil Wilbekin's, and Andrew Mer's (Co-writers) The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion (Netflix)

Fiona Mackenzie's Tell Me I Love You (VOD)

Karen Maine's Yes, God, Yes (VOD)

Kim Leggatt's, Bill Jones's, and Ben Timlett's An Accidental Studio (VOD)

Romina Paula's Again Once Again (Mubi)

Sue Kim's The Speed Cubers (Netflix)

Amy Seimetz's She Dies Tomorrow

Kristian Mercado's Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning (Netflix)

Elyse Steinberg's, Eli B. Despres's, and Josh Kriegman's The Fight (Amazon Prime Video)

Éric Hannezo's Anelka : L’Incompris (Anelka: Misunderstood) (Netflix)

Ninian Doff's Boyz in the Wood (Amazon)

Franziska Meyer Price's Berlin, Berlin (Netflix)

Laura Terruso's Work It (Netflix)

Rebecca Zlotowski's An Easy Girl (Netflix Film)

Upcoming Releases

August 14

Ariel Schulman's and Henry Joost's Project Power (Netflix)

August 19

Katsuo Fukuzawa's The Crimes That Bind (Netflix)

August 21

Trish Sie's The Sleepover (Netflix)

immigration nation
Lovecraft Country

Must-See Episodic Releases

The following series feature episodes directed and/or created by underrepresented creators! Please note that the following dates are specific to the United States.

Recently Released Series

Criminal Minds (CBS), The Rookie (ABC), 2 episodes of Blue Bloods (CBS)

Feature episodes created and directed by Rachel Feldman

Connected: Season 1 (Netflix)

Episodes created and directed by Latif Nasser

Immigration Nation (Netflix)

Episodes created and directed by Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau

Jessy and Nessy (Amazon Prime Video)

Upcoming Episodes directed by Helen Sheppard and Rafael Diaz Canales

Upcoming Releases

August 14

Teenage Bounty Hunters (Netflix)

Created by Kathleen Jordan. Directors include Rebecca Asher, Angela Barnes Gomes, Stephanie Laing, Lauren Morelli, and Diego Velasco

August 16

Lovecraft Country (HBO)

Created by Misha Green and Jordan Peele. Directors include Yann Demange, Cheryl Dunye, and Victoria Mahoney


Emilie Badenhorst | Couscous

Kristin Dehnert | Honor Society

Meji Alabi | RSA Film

Tamika Miller | Wondros Collective


Credits listed below, from top row, left to right.
Pepsi - Pepcoin
EW Digital Cover June 2020
Hasbro | Be A Game Changer
Gucci Bloom
Iced Baileys
Made by Africans, Watched by the World
Macys Back To School

Aya Tanimura | Pepsi – "Pepcoin" | Motive | Hound | LINK

Carly Usdin x Robin Roemer | Entertainment Weekly – "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 5 Digital Cover" | LINK

Daniele Anastasion | Hasbro – "Be A Game Changer" | Golin Chicago | Contagious | LINK

Floria Sigismondi | Gucci – "The New Gucci Bloom Campaign with Anjelica Huston, Florence Welch, Jodie Turner-Smith and Susie Cave" | Believe Media | LINK

Georgia Guerra-Peixe | Natura – "Dia dos Pais" | DPZ&T / Sao Paulo | LINK

Giuliana Tommasi (Co-director, Edit), Leslie Montero (DP) | Herdez and Baileys – "Iced Baileys" | Pico ADW | Gato TV | LINK

Joanna Nordahl | Telia | Forsman & Bodenfors | New Land | LINK

Nosipho Dumisa | Made by Africans, Watched by the World | Netflix | LINK

Paloma | NERD: Ulta ‘GLAMlab’ | NERD Productions | LINK

Victoria Rivera | Macys Back To School “Let’s be Ready” | SLMBR PRTY | LINK


Credits listed below, from top row, left to right.
Screenshot (190)

Alexandra Bas | SAALT “How You Period” | AGAINST | LINK

Katharina Hingst (Dir) , Delfina Mayer (Colorist) | Esselle Agency (2020) | nobodyreadsthetext | LINK

Lisa Gunning | "Valero Fuels Dog Rescue Relays" | Imperial Woodpecker | LINK

Sarah Chatfield | Adidas – "What's One More" | Iris Worldwide | NYStation Film | LINK

Savanah Leaf | ARC x Imagine Justice – "We Matter Too" | Park Pictures | LINK

Luo Jian | Martell – "Naomang" | Lief | LINK


Credits listed below, from top row, left to right.
Shawnee Dez
Phoebe Bridgers “I Know The End”
Helado Negro
Kita Alexander
Silversun Pickups
Sad13 - Ghost
Babeheaven - Cassette Beat
Gwen Bunn
Keedron Bryant
Amy Allen
David Blank
Bree Runway

Addison Wright | Shawnee Dez – "Let it be" | LINK

Alissa Torvinen | Phoebe Bridgers “I Know the End” | LINK

Bianca Poletti | Helado Negro “Please won’t please” | LINK

Bourtney Crookes / Courtney Brookes | Kita Alexander – "I Miss You, I'm Sorry" | LINK

Claire Marie Vogel + Aaron Hymes | Silversun Pickups – "Toy Soldiers" | LINK

Elle Schneider | Sad13 – "Ghost (of a Good Time)" | Attention Soldier Productions | LINK

Fredgy Noël | Marieme – "Lovechild (Pride)" | LINK

Margot Bowman (Dir), Joel Honeywell (DP), Aika Miyake (Edit) | Babeheaven – "Cassette Beat" | LINK

Meji Alabi (also co-edited) | Chronixx – "COOL AS THE BREEZE/FRIDAY" | LINK

Sade Ndya (DP) | Gwen Bunn – "Pressure" | LINK

Sara Lacombe | Keedron Bryant – "I Just Wanna Live" | LINK

Similar But Different (Dir) , Stephania Dulowski (Edit) | Amy Allen – "Difficult" | LINK

Tania Feghali | David Blank – "Standing In Line" (prod. ilromantico) | LINK

Tash Tung | Breen Runway (ft. Maliibu Miitch) – "Gucci" | BLINK | LINK

Taylor McFadden | Nicole Atkins – “Domino” | LINK

Wesley Walker | Jidenna (ft. Bullish) – "Black Magic Hour" | LINK


Credits listed below, from top row, left to right.
admiring u
Chellsie's Adult Gymnastics

Amir Farhang | "MASKS" | LINK

Blair Waters | "Princess Rita" | LINK

Devon C. Johnson | "Fusion" | LINK

Hannah Berry George | "HARD RAIN" | LINK

Helen Takkin | "Descent" | Get Shot Films | LINK

Joanna Nordahl | "admiring u – a Shelter Short" | LINK

Justine Raczkiewicz | "WASTE" | Building J | LINK

Kristian Mercado | "BAD BUNNY – Artist Spotlight Stories" | LINK

Stacey Nash | "Chellsie Memmel’s Gymnastics Journey | LINK

Talia Shea Levin | "ISOLATIONS/It's Not Much Longer Now" | LINK

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