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“Black Beyond Measure”

Client: @target

Prod: @prettybirdpic

Dir: @sadecjoseph

DP: @pierce.marcel.robinson

Edit: @ericscissorhandss @thedeneditorial

Composer: @edan.frei

Color: @ariannashiningstar @apachecolor

“A Love/Hate Relationship”

Client: @breastcancernow

Prod: @strangebeasttv

Dir/Animation: @annaginsburg, @boylloyd @gweegletech @sheetal.thankey @harry___animates___

Composer: @george.grinling.composer

“You Love Me”

Client: @beatsbydre

Agency: @wearetranslation

Prod: @prettybirdpic

Dir: @msmelina

DP: #MalikSayeed

PD: #JahminAssa

Edit: #RobertDuffy @thewhitelines @spotwelders

Color: @company_3

#LoveisLearned – More To The Story”

Client: @join1love


Prod: @nottoscalehq

Dir: @krismerc

“The Streets Belong To You: The Runner”

Client: @volvocars

Agency: @forsmanbodenfors


Dir: @sheila_johansson

DP: @rudh_mattias

Edit: #FredrikaAndersson

Color: @sofie_borup

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