Next up we have writers/directors on the verge: Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy. The duo, who came up together shooting shorts and making videos on Coney Island, took nearly eight years to complete the script for their feature directorial debut “Blow the Man Down,” but it was worth the wait to bring this labor of love to life. Bridget and Danielle are ready to take on all your questions about staying true to your vision, their experiences collaborating on the film, and so much more.

Originally from salty Beverly, Massachusetts, Bridget Savage Cole grew up working on her dad’s construction crew and serving tourists at seaside restaurants. She attended Wesleyan University, where she discovered a passion for choreography and cinematography and began creating projects with DIY vigor. Her narrative work has screened at numerous festivals including SXSW and Bend Film Festival. In 2011, she was selected to participate in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, through which she directed the award-winning short film Owiewanna, co-written by Danielle Krudy.

Growing up in Ohio, Danielle Krudy explored storytelling through writing poetry and making movies with her two sisters using her father’s home video camera. Danielle went on to major in Film Studies at Wesleyan University followed by a post-graduate fellowship to study cinematography at the German Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. She eventually worked as assistant for Oscar-nominated Director of Photography, Matthew Libatique, on films such as Black Swan. Joining forces with Bridget Savage Cole nearly eight years ago, the two founded R.I.P. Dora, a women’s film collective, through which the narrative short Serena was created by an all-female production team. Blow the Man Down is their first feature.

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