It's cold, we're still inside, so what better way to be inspired than indulging in some of the freshest music videos! Want to be featured? Send it over for consideration here!

Get to watching!

“So Annoying”

Artist: Mae Muller @maemuller

Dir: Sophie Muller

DP: Thomas English @thomas_english

PD: Frederick Douglas @frederickdouglasallsop

Edit: Sophie Muller

Prod: Pretty Bird @prettybirdpic


Artist: Benee @beneemusic

Dir: Anita Fotaine @anitafontaine

DP: Maria Ines Manchego

Edit: Riley Goyote @rileygoyote

Color: Damian McDonell & Parkroad Post @damianmcdonnell1 @parkroadpost

Prod: Fish&Clips @fishandclipsco


Artist: Andrew Cassara @andrewcassara

Dir: Han Dougherty @hanjdougherty

DP: Devan Scott @devanagscott

Prod: Filmboldy @filmboldly


Artist: Sloan Peterson @sloanpeterson

Dir/edit/animation: Bourtney Crookes @bourtneycrookes

DP: Greg Oireliere @gregoireliere

PD: Sarah Pilsbury @sarahlouisespilsbury

Color: Matt Fezz @mattfezz

Prod: The Preative & Eight Productions @thepreative @eight_productions

“Who I Am”

Artist: Dresage @dresagemusic

Dir: Kailee McGee @kittypawsxoxo

DP: Michael Lincoln @itsbabrahamlincoln

Edit: Richie Costales @richcostalesofficial

PD: Rose Curry @wosecurry

Color: Dan Edwards @edwardsdan

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