Hero photo credit: Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris, co-hosts of "Still Processing," and Neena Pathak, the show’s producer. / Courtesy of Calla Kessler, The New York Times

If you don’t have the opportunity to pull up a copy of Variety or Filmmaker on your commute—i.e. if public transpo in your city sucks—you need a safer way to stay up on the trends.

Thankfully, there are a ton of entertainment podcasts that can catch you up to speed on everything from craft to culture.


A Female Lens

Creators/Hosts: Jennifer Zahlit and Larkin Bell

Recommended by: Free the Work Staff

Recommended for: Women creatives in all stages of their careers

Each episode of A Female Lens seeks to make the film industry and process of filmmaking more accessible for new filmmakers through interviews with women in film. From producers to film critics, women in all lines of work sit down and spill the tea on their opinions, journeys, and what they think the next generation of women in film should do.

The Writer’s Panel

Creators/Hosts: Ben Blacker

Recommended by: FTW Staff

Recommended for: TV-loving creators

There’s so much TV out there nowadays, and it’s all good. Feed your passions and sit down with writers, producers, and show runners behind the most legendary shows in TV history, like Vince Gilligan and Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

A Female Lens podcast

Filminist Pod

Creators/Hosts: Alyssa Klein

Recommended by: Free the Work Staff

Recommended for: Activist creatives who look up to women and non-binary people in film and TV

With each episode of Filminist Pod, you can expect to learn about inspirational women and non-binary people, their personal journeys through the industry, and their thoughts on current news and releases. Words like “representation” and “diversity” can be thrown around these days as easily as the word “vegan,” but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done before people can understand the systemic barriers that make true representation a challenge. This podcast helps you become an agent of change in your own circles. Go forth, go download, and go be the light in your community!

Go Creative Show

Creators/Hosts: Ben Consoli

Recommended by: Ava Benjamin Schorr, DP

Recommended for: Fun creatives who love all things production-related

The Go Creative Show is dedicated to creative professionals in the video, film, TV, and music industries, making this one of the most eclectic podcasts for creators. There’s an episode for everything. From talking about tools, to revealing challenges and successes, there’s always something new to learn and to be enthusiastic about. Ben’s got you covered.

Happier in Hollywood

Creators/Hosts: Liz Craft and Sarah Fain

Recommended by: Geenah Krisht, Producer

Recommended for: Busy creatives who want to be healthy and well in this whirlwind of an industry

Liz Craft and Sarah Fain are TV writing veterans. Although we may be familiar with some of their on-screen stories, their behind-the-scenes, personal struggles are just as universal. Liz and Sarah touch on what it’s like to navigate a male-dominated industry while giving tips on how one can stay grounded and resilient while enduring the trials of a creative career.

Making Movies is HARD!!!

Creators/Hosts: Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell

Recommended by: Ava Benjamin Schorr, DP

Recommended for: Indie creatives who want to create more work

Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell are independent filmmakers who discuss everything you’ll need to know and ever want to know when it comes to creating projects outside the corporate mainstream. This podcast is not necessarily about how to “make it.” It’s more about how to stay level-headed and resilient by using your tools, resources, and networks to forge a career you can be proud of as an indie filmmaker.

No Film School

Creators/Hosts: Charles Haine and NFS Editor-in-Chief George Edelman

Recommended by: Ali Roberto, Creative Director, Director, and Photographer

Recommended for: Frugal creatives who want film school minus the film school costs

If you’re a filmmaker or videographer, you probably have already heard of the popular nofilmschool.com. While you can’t ingest the site and its hundreds of helpful articles intravenously just yet, listening to this podcast is the closest alternative. The podcast is what you need to be updated on the latest in entertainment news, trends, and industry players.

No Film School

Respect the Process

Creators/Hosts: Jordan Brady

Recommended by: Alice Gu, Director, DP, and Photographer

Recommended for: Ad-focused creatives who want to thrive in the commercial space

Jordan Brady, owner of the successful commercial production company, superlounge, sits down with commercial industry experts to talk about their lives and journeys towards a successful career. From concept to completion, Jordan can help walk you through what it takes to make commercials that people can actually enjoy.


Creators/Hosts: John August and Craig Mazin

Recommended by: Bola Ogun, Director and Carrie Stett, Writer-Director

Recommended for: Tenacious creatives who hope to put pen to paper and be paid for it

Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin dig into the nitty-gritty of topics related to screenwriting in film and television. Every week, the hosts sit down with some of the most reputable writers in the industry to discuss the fun stuff, like developing a story, and the corporate stuff, like copyright law.

Talkhouse Podcast

Creators/Hosts: Rotating

Recommended by: Free the Work Staff

Recommended for: Intellectual creatives interested in the thoughts and opinions of their favorite creators

Imagine how interesting it would be if you could sit in a room with two of your favorite creative people in the world, and just observe what they talk about. This is the podcast equivalent to those actors-on-actors interviews, where you just get to see what unfolds between two faces that you typically don’t see together.

The A24 Podcast

Creators/Hosts: A24

Recommended by: Free the Work Staff

Recommended for: Art-house creatives who love A24

A24 seems to be spinning gold with every release nowadays, and their podcast could not have arrived at a better time. The minds behind A24’s most recent films (like Lady Bird and The Farewell) sit down and discuss their respective creative processes, inspirations, and journeys.



Armchair Expert

Creators/Hosts: Dax Shepard

Recommended by: Geenah Krisht, Producer

Recommended for: Creatives who frequent IMDb, celebrity interviews, and Wikipedia

Armchair Expert is a more raw, unfiltered alternative to traditional talk-show formats. Dax Shepard discusses all kinds of topics with a mixed bag (albeit a very high-profile bag) of guests who range from A-list actors to accomplished authors and neurosurgeons. Learn something new through some wholesome stream-of-consciousness interviews that make you feel like you’re in the room with the most admired people in their respective fields.

dax shepard and monica
armchair expert

Checkitow Podcast

Creators/Hosts: Humberto Guida

Recommended by: FTW Staff

Recommended for: Creatives who love the Latinx comedy community

Hosted by writer and comedian Humberto Guida, Checkitow is a hub for Latinos in comedy and entertainment. Nothing is off limits. Checkitow!

Don’t @ Me

Creators/Hosts: Justin Simien

Recommended by: Free the Work Staff

Recommended for: Fiery creatives who are passionate about pop culture and social justice

You may recognize Justin Simien as the director of the feature film, Dear White People. Every week, Simien interviews stars, artists, and creatives about their work, their lives, and their thoughts about the industry as they break barriers and bend the idea of who can create what in entertainment.

Las Culturistas

Creators/Hosts: Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Recommended by: FTW Staff

Recommended for: Creatives who hate boring news updates

Go on an unforgettable magic carpet ride through culture with comedians Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang.

checkitow 2

Still Processing

Creators/Hosts: Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham

Recommended by: FTW Staff

Recommended for: Creatives who love pop culture analysis

Two culture writers for The New York Times devour TV, movies, art, music and generally all things that move them.

The Read

Creators/Hosts: Kid Fury and Crissle

Recommended by: FTW Staff

Recommended for: Creatives who just moved to a big city and need funny friends to process pop culture

Bloggers and co-hosts Kid Fury and Crissle keep things light and funny as they dig into all things hip-hop and pop culture.

The Treatment

Creators/Hosts: Elvis Mitchell

Recommended by: Phoebe Arnstein, Director and Photographer, and Meredith Danluck, Director

Recommended for: Creatives who love a good interview

Host Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with the most innovative people working across all planes of pop culture. Pop in your earbuds for insightful, in-depth interviews that remind you why you love art and entertainment so much.

This Movie Changed Me

Creators/Hosts: Lily Percy

Recommended by: Free the Work Staff

Recommended for: Nostalgic creatives who need a pick-me-up from their daily hustle

Movie fanatic Lily Percy's sentimental interviews with industry players will take you on a nostalgia trip that will remind you why you're in this business in the first place—it's basically chicken soup for any filmmaker's soul.

Still processing
the treatment

We’re Not All Ninjas

Creators/Hosts: Melissa Slaughter, Rachel Liu, and Alex Chester

Recommended by: FTW Staff

Recommended for: Creatives who want better Asian American Representation

This podcast reviews movies with a special focus on Asian American representation in Hollywood.

WTF with Marc Maron

Creators/Hosts: Marc Maron

Recommended by: Ali Roberto

Recommended for: Any creative that wants a break from taking themselves too seriously

Take five from the high-brow and sit down with comedian and actor Marc Maron as he welcomes creatives from all walks of life into his home for raw, relaxed, and revealing interviews that give you more peculiar info than you thought you ever needed.

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