The Spotlight is an interview series in which we follow under-the-radar contenders as they break ground in the festival and awards space.

What do you do when your production woes involve a global pandemic, fundraising for a first-time feature, and a rogue Homeowners’ Association? FREE THE WORK creator Jennifer Levinson took on the world and then some to get her feature writing debut, ‘Trust’ to audiences.

Writer, actor, producer, and dare we say influencer, Jennifer Levinson is no stranger to the scene. Levinson got her early start as a social media maven starring and writing on several Buzzfeed and Snapchat projects. She was selected as a 2020 TRIBECA NOW Participant at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Live from Cinequest 2022, we popped in for a chat to talk about the experience of having a first-time feature premiere at a film festival. Read the full interview here.

Trust A
Trust B
Trust C
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