For film producer Nikkia Moulterie, asking questions and admitting you don’t have the answers to everything is essential to becoming a good producer. After all, what is an artist without a little curiosity? Moulterie has enjoyed a decade-long career producing shorts, serving as a UPM on various features as well as producing commercials and music videos. With Nanny, she reunited with director and long-time FREE THE WORK community member Nikyatu Jusu after producing 2019 hit Sundance short Suicide by Sunlight (which you can read more about here).

One of Nikkia’s favorite film experiences occurred at a film festival. Watching Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed Che at the New York Film Festival was meditative and distinctive for her, an experience not unfamiliar to anyone who watched Nanny at Sundance this year. Nanny follows the story of Senegalese immigrant Aisha played expertly by Anna Diop (Titans), as she navigates frighteningly surreal visions in the days leading to her son’s arrival in America. Comprised of a mostly female filmmaking team with several women working as department heads, the Nanny crew committed to remaining authentic to the female-centric story at its core.

Nanny took Sundance by storm eventually landing a historic win as the first horror film to take home the Grand Jury prize with director and longtime collaborator Nikyatu Jusu as only the second Black woman to win, after “Clemency” director Chinonye Chukwu in 2019. We caught up with Nikkia to talk shop and share her experience at this year’s second virtual Sundance. Read the full interview here.

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