Out of the hundreds of Super Bowl ads over the past five years, women made up three percent of the 61 ads counted in 2021. Seven percent were men of color: Cameron Busby for Logitech, Calmatic for Michelob, and Spike Lee for Michelob, and Tarsem Singh for Toyota.

*Updated 2/9 4PM PST: This year, the number of women behind the biggest ads of the year PLATEAUED at four: Nina Meredith for Robinhood, Victoria Rivera for Procter & Gamble, Bryce Dallas Howard for Inspiration4, and Tatjana Green for Procter & Gamble, a late addition to our list. All of whom, we should add, are incredibly talented and deserve all the opportunities, along with many, many other women directors.

If these stats don't raise a red flag to you, then that’s exactly the problem. It’s been time to examine hiring biases. That’s why we're calling on every major agency's CCO & ECD to to join us on March 17th to have a frank discussion about the state of the ad industry and barriers to hiring underrepped talent. Also—on WTF happened with the Super Bowl?! Have your agency email us at [email protected] to join.

For now, take notes on the amazing ads directed by women below.

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