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“Joy Run”

Brand: Chromat @chromat

Dir: Tourmaline @tourmaliiine

DP: Matt Harvey⁣⁣

Edit: Tiffany Burchard⁣⁣

Color: Marika Litz @marikalitz⁣⁣

“All You Need To Launch A Cult Skate Brand”

Brand: Squarespace @squarespace

Dir: Raine Allen-Miller @raineallenmiller

DP: James Blann @j.r.blann

Edit: Elise Butt @elisesmelise

Prod: Somesuch/USA @somesuchandco

"Be Endless"

Brand: VOXI @voxi_uk

Dir: Jocelyn Anquetil @jocelyn_anquetil

Prod: The Mill/London @millchannel

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/London @ogilvy

"Tell Your Story – Kupu 2020"

Brand: Spark @sparknz

Dir: Zia Mandviwalla @mandywhaler

DP: Ziga Zupancic @zigzz

Editor: Tim Mauger @timmauger

Color: Matic Prusnik @maticprusnik

Composer: Cam Ballantyne @otto_science

Prod: Finch @finchcompany

Agency: Colenso BBDO/Auckland @colenso_bbdo


Brand: Allianz @allianz

Dir: La Sister @lasistertv

DP: Román Martínez de Bujo @romanmartinezdebujo

Edit: Pau Luzón @pauluzon

PD: Julio Gómez @juliogomtre

Prod: Humano

Agency: Recreo

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