Picture this: you’ve been a part of our community since our Free The Bid days, and have been counting down the days til the launch of FREE THE WORK. Well, now the site is live and ready to be explored. You know that you have a profile on FREE THE WORK, but don’t know what to do to access it and update the information on it. You want to make sure your work gets discovered in as many search results as possible, but don’t know how. What now?

This guide will teach you all the necessary steps to CLAIM and COMPLETE your FREE THE WORK profile.

Watch through this screen recording where we walk you through the process of claiming your profile and logging in for the first time. Don't feel like watching? Don't worry—we also have written instructions included below.

If you had a profile on Free the Bid, we migrated your profile to FREE THE WORK. This means that you already have an existing profile on our new site, filled with all of the information that was previously contained on your Free The Bid profile. All you have to do to “claim” this new profile is to log in to our system—simple!

Here's how it works (you can follow along using the images below):

  1. Navigate to "www.freethework.com" and click "Login.”

  2. Each creator's profile is linked to their email address. Creators can enter their email address and hit "Forgot Password.”

  3. You will receive an email from us to reset the password. Click on the link in the email, set your password, and login again.

  4. Access your profile!

FTW Claim Profile still 2

REMEMBER: If your profile was migrated from Free The Bid, please do not register and make a new user account. This will just create a duplicate profile for you.

If you try to reset your password using the steps described above, but don’t receive an email, be sure to try logging in with any other email address that you have used in the past to communicate with our team. When migrating your profile, we might have had an older email address on file for you—don’t worry, though, because once you’ve accessed your account, you can change the email address that your account is linked to.

If your production company handled all updates to your Free The Bid profile previously and you have never been directly in touch with our team, be sure to contact us at [email protected] so that we can help you access the account in your name.

Now that you've claimed your profile, complete it by adding tags and uploading videos so that you can be as discoverable as possible!

Here is a video walkthrough (scroll down for written instructions).

1. Self-Identification Tags

FREE THE WORK profiles also include self-identification tags. These tags allow you the option to provide nuanced information on your identity, in order to make your profile visible in as many relevant search results as possible. Only you can update these tags on your profile, and it is totally up to you how much information you want to share.

Although these tags are optional, the more info you include on your profile, the more likely you'll show up in searches. This drastically increases your potential of getting opportunities through our site.

FTW Claim Profile 8

2. Upload Videos

Why is it important for you to upload your latest work? We have a few reasons:

  • The videos that our creators upload to their profiles can be featured in special community spotlights throughout the site.

  • Videos can also be suggested to other site users as part of automated recommendations.

  • Videos can be included in public playlists.

Only the videos uploaded to your profile can be included in all these exciting, visibility-boosting features. So if you want to get more eyes on your work, get to uploading!

Here is our list of essential tips to keep in mind when uploading videos.

Simply put, the more up-to-date your profile is, the more likely that you will get your next big gig. You have agency over how searchable and discoverable you will be on our site, so take charge and claim and complete your profile now!

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