Alexandre Do is a London-based director making short films, music videos and commercials. Raised between France and Southeast Asia, Alex decided early on that he wanted to tell visual stories. His interest in photography, painting and animation eventually brought him to filmmaking, where he studied at Central Saint Martins in London.

Alex has been able to break out of usual thinking that directors need to hit expected milestones to arrive at their breakthrough moment. He is spending his time having fun with his work, and in the process absorbing the knowledge that will propel him into his future. Alex is showing younger directors that it is OK to make playful work without always carrying the responsibility of progressing societal conversations. Voices can be heard without overly deep narratives.

In our latest episode of Long Story Short, Alexandre talks to us about respectful research, enjoying the process of learning, and his love of various visually driven directors.

For more about Alexandre, and work he discusses in the video, visit these links:

Aniccam [written and directed by Alexandre Do and Lo Xu-Ming Tong] • Paul Thomas AndersonSteven SpielbergAkira KurosawaYasujirō OzuJacques AudiardOscar HudsonKim Gehrig

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