Starr Nathan is an award-winning writer, producer and director of the short film Know Me So Well. Currently working in content creation and development at Snapchat, Starr creates innovative products and modules for socially conscious 14- to 24-year-olds who engage in a mobile-first content experience.

Starr's creative sensibilities move between short films, multimedia, short and long form digital/social content, music videos and commercials. If you walk away from Starr's work with a lingering feeling, or unfamiliar thoughts, then she has done the job she set out to do. The authenticity of her work is intentional, which is how she is able to resonate with her audience. She encourages others to bring their true selves to the table, because, as she says, "Black Girl Magic in the boardroom hits a little different."

In our latest edition of Long Story Short, Starr talks to us about humanizing villains, performative brand work, and diversity within film crews.

For more about Starr's work, and other work she discusses in the video, please visit these links:

Know Me So Well [YouTube]

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom [Netflix]

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