We asked talented creators from our database to nominate a peer from the community who inspires them and should be “up next”. To start of 2024, we’re highlighting some exciting creators from our community that move us.

Laura Weaver nominated Jeanne Ader.

We’ve worked a few times in the past 10 years since I started directing, we grew up professionally and have crossed each other paths and Jeanne is a superhero to me. She is strong, sensible, has great taste, great ideas always. And she is a gem to have on set, always serene and happy and bright.

Camila Corenlsen nominated Soleil Denault.

Soleil brings a background in graphic design, and her attention to detail shines not only in her creative process but also in her vision for the final look of her images. The precision with which she crafts visuals has left a lasting impression on me. I initially came across her work during a research phase and was even more impressed when I had the chance to meet her in person. I am genuinely excited to witness the trajectory of her career—she is undeniably super talented.

Luis Caraza nominated Houmam Abdallah.

Houmam has a distinct eye for color that he backs up with impeccable character. He’s a joy in the color suite and makes people feel right at home there. Whenever he’s coloring a piece that I’m editing, he’ll be passionate about it from the first cut, even sharing feedback I have come to respect immensely.

Lucy Knox nominated Evelyn Ida Morris.

Evelyn is an incredibly imaginative, multi-talented composer, who gets to the heart of every project in their work. Their work is adventurous, and their intuitive and deep connection to the projects narrative allows them to move the story forward with emotional resonance, through score.

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