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FTW Friends

Activism & Advocacy:

Ad Council: Storytelling That Drives Social Change

Melonie Diaz: Star-Spangled Activism: Stories to Inspire You to Go to the Polls


Alia Shawkat: Visionary Animation

BIPOC Celebration:

Kiersey Clemons: POC Directors on the Rise

Malakai—Made In Her Image: Up-and-Coming BIPOC Filmmakers You Need to Know

Alana Mayo: Afro-Futurist Visions On Film

imagineNATIVE: Futurist Takes on Contemporary Issues (Afrofuturism & Indigenous Futurism)

Julia Jones: Celebrating Indigenous Filmmakers

Charles D. King: Black Filmmakers Changing the Face of Hollywood

Justin Simien: "Dear White People" And Beyond: My Community Of Creators

Kristian Mercado: Celebrating Latinx Voices

JJ Augustavo: Asian Filmmakers on the Rise

Alma Har'el: Middle Eastern Talent That Reminds Me Of Home

The Future of Cinema: API Women and TGNC Creators You Need to Know Right Now

serpentwithfeet: My Community and Collaborators

Genre – Comedy:

Jessica Elbaum: Comedy Directors To Keep On Your Radar

Genre – Horror:

Nowness x FTW: 8 Horror Shorts to Watch This Halloween

Shannon Purser: Horror Directors That'll Haunt Your Dreams

Natasha Lyonne: Cinematic and Obscure Short Films

Tiffany Johnson: Camp, Cult, and Glamour

Film Festival Friends:

Philadelphia Latino Film Festival: LOLA Award Winners

Sundance Institute: Breakthrough Talent from the Sundance Labs

LGBTQIA+ Spotlights:

Joey Soloway's Favorite Trans-Identifying and Non-Binary Voices

Maya Dittloff: Two Spirit / LGBTQ Natives in Film

Tea Uglow: Trans and Queer Creators That Push Past Stereotypes

Music Videos:

Gia Coppola: Music Video Directors I Admire

Lucas Hedges: Music Videos With Mind-Blowing Visuals

Molly Burdett: Music Videos That Cut Straight to the Heart

Personal Faves:

Lena Waithe: Directors I've Worked with This Year

Rachel Morrison: My Favorite International Superstars

Marc Pritchard: Creators And Emerging Talent Who Are A Force For Good

Zackary Drucker: Filmmakers Who Got Their Start In The Art World

Mixed Bag:

Taylor Russell: Docs That Redefine Filmmaking

Vanessa Kirby: Great Performances In Shorts

Jeremy Podeswa: Fucked Up, Flawed, and Fluid – TV’s Baddest Biological And Chosen Families

Women Behind the Camera:

Amanda Lasher: Women Writers and Directors On The Cusp Of Superstardom

Bryce Dallas Howard: Women Creators Taking Charge of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Catalina Rojter—Las Independientes: The Women of Latin America's Indie Scene

Christopher Blauvelt—Colleagues and Dream Collaborators: Women Directors I've Worked With Or Been Inspired B

Emmy Rossum: Mind Blowing Women Cinematographers

James Wilcox: Women Editors Redefining Cinema

Jen Salke: Work By Women + Underrepresented Talent On Amazon Prime Paul Feig: Dynamite Women Creators Who Lit Up Powderkeg

Spike Jonze: Women DPs I've Worked With And Want to Work With

Tara Niami—Rising from Flames: Women Voices of the Iranian Diaspora

Tracee Ellis Ross: WOC Directors Who Triumph Comedy TV

Tracee Ellis Ross: WOC Directors Who Triumph Drama TV

FTW Community

Note: topic-specific playlists will be occasionally added to.

Animal Commercials + Branded Content

Automotive Commercials + Branded Content

Beauty Commercials + Branded Content

BIPOC Animation Directors

Black Creators Telling Captivating Stories About Community

Bloody Good Times

Commercial Editors on the Cutting Edge

Composer Roll Call: The Official FREE THE WORK Composer Spotify Playlist

Composers Making Music in the Northwest United States

Directors Who Specialize In Action (Video Edition)

Directors Who Specialize in Comedy

Directors Who've Worked on Young Adult Projects

Director-DPs Who Do It All

Documentarians That Are Challenging The Political Landscape

Ethereal Dance Videos that Make Us Excited to Live Again

Every Super Bowl Ad Directed by a Woman from 2017-2021

Family-Centric Films & Branded Content

Feature/TV Editors Cutting Incredible Stories

Foodie-Friendly Content

Heartfelt Moments to Squash Your Inner Demons

Holiday Family Videos that Don't Center on the White Perspective

Innovation Projects That Push the Limits of Storytelling

Latinx Directors Put on Your Radar

Queer Talent Breaking Barriers

Shots (of Inspiration) for the New Year

Showcasing the Power of Parenthood In All Its Forms

Sneaker Ads For Sneakerheads

Sundance 2020 Creators

Tech Commercials + Branded Content

The Sh*t We Do For Love

Women Directors Who Specialize in Sports

Women Editors On The Cutting Edge of Film and TV

Work That Connects You With Mother Nature

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