For June, we asked LGBTQIA+ creators from our database to nominate a fellow creator from the community who they think should be “up next”.

Joanne Mony Park

M.G. Evangelista nominated Joanne Mony Park:

“Joanne’s films are just so visually dynamic, and I love how she elevates slice-of-life moments to something brilliant and superb.”

Christine Ng

Carly Usdin nominated Christine Ng:

“I’ve been an admirer of cinematographer Christine Ng’s work for some time, and recently had the pleasure of working with her on a Pride spot. In addition to being a talented, visionary artist, she’s also a wonderful creative collaborator and a warm, steady presence on set. 10/10 no notes.”

Tianès Montasser

Sarra Ryma nominated Tianès Montasser:

“Tianès Montasser is a senior editor who has accompanied me on all my projects.  She brings a real writing style and vision to film editing. She has an incredible sense of rhythm and musicality, but above all, I love her interest in storytelling, dramaturgy, characters, and direction. She’s also an incredible person with beautiful values that she defends. She questions the script from the start so that the characters are true & not stereotyped (no racism, misogyny, homophobia, or transphobia). I love her sensitivity and humor, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.”

Gorka Atarés

Valentino Sandoli nominated Gorka Atarés:

“Gorka is an extremely sensitive editor and all-around artist; they engage in every project in a way that I always know the result will be great. They edit, create music, sound, and even draw! Truly inspirational.”

Seonjae Kim

Miranda Haymon nominated Seonjae Kim:

“Seonjae is an incredibly gifted director, translator, and writer who I am lucky to call a collaborator and dear friend. From her catalyzing the universes in the incredible Past Lives to creating her astounding debut short, Good Taste, Seonjae is most certainly one of the fast-rising changemakers in the game.”

Miranda Haymon

Zackary Drucker nominated Miranda Haymon:

“Intergenerational dialogue is crucial for our survival. It is hazardous sometimes to be an artist, a storyteller, a trans person so I rejoice in emerging artists and new talents. This couldn’t be more clear in my creative relationship with Miranda. Within a few months of us working together they created this whole project and unfolded it so fast and with such energy that it was almost a burst of creative power. We should expect great things coming out of Miranda’s endless creative power. I’m beyond excited to be their mentor.”

Got a talented creator you’d like to nominate for a shoutout? Email us: [email protected]

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