For this month’s edition, we asked talented women creators from our database to nominate a female creator who they think should be “up next”.

Georgia Tribuiani

Anh Vu nominated Georgia Tribuiani:

“Georgia and I go way back, and we started as directors together at PSYOP. She is so talented. I have so much admiration for her vision as a filmmaker and her dedication to her family. The films that she crafts are always so thoughtfully designed and visually striking.”

Sekiya Dorsett (photo credit: @papermonday & @GWOFANMSTUDIOS)

April Maxey nominated Sekiya Dorsett and Nava Mau:

“Sekiya Dorsett is a passionate and talented filmmaker, and expert documentarian. Her thought-provoking work centers the lives of Black women, queer folks, and the working class, preserving culture and history while bringing tangible human stories to the front. I had the pleasure of working on “Stonewall 50: The Revolution,” which she directed and earned her a GLAAD Media Award. I am super excited about her current project called “I Love Bedstuy,” a docu-fiction hybrid love letter to her neighborhood.” 

Nava Mau

“Nava Mau is a rare combination- a successful actress with multiple series regular roles and a talented writer/director, coming to the industry with an acute understanding of what it takes to change culture, informed by her background as a cultural worker in immigrant and queer communities. Her work is intimate, personal, and full of heart. I am so excited about her upcoming project shooting this summer, called “all the words but the one,” in which she is a director, writer, and lead actress.”

Maegan Houang nominated Terry Watson:

“Terry brings a thoughtful artistic vision, grounded in her own unique experience as a Mexican American, that elevates the production design on every project. Her dedication and originality, paired with her level-headed work ethic, constantly inspires me to dream bigger, even on the most monetarily fraught endeavors. I can’t wait to collaborate together again.”

Emiliana Ammirata

Sinda Agha nominated Emiliana Ammirata:

“Emiliana is an incredibly intelligent and thoughtful filmmaker from Venezuela and based in London. To me, Emiliana represents the future of this art form and industry. Beyond being a talented artist in her own right, Emiliana is dedicated to building community and uplifting others. She inspires me and I can’t wait to watch the rest of her career unfold!”

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