We asked talented creators from our database to nominate a peer from the community who inspires them and should be “up next”. This Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting Latinx or Hispanic creators from our community that inspire us.

Natalia Moscoso

German Torres nominated Natalia Moscoso:

“Natalia has an eye for capturing beautiful moving portraits of people and I love the way she uses lighting in all of her work.”

Luis G Santos

Sergio Herrera nominated Luis G Santos:

“I worked with Luis on a Facebook commercial last year and you could feel his love for his craft. He stood out because he appreciated his crew, thanking them once we finished shooting—an uncommon trait among directors I have worked with.”

Cole Santiago nominated Adrian Arrendono:

Adrian Arrendono

“Adrian is one of my favorite Latino directors because he always brings an elevated aesthetic to Latin music videos and commercials. His latest project a documentary on Tejano music has brought an iconic genre to a mainstream stage and is the film I am most excited to see come to life.”

Got a talented creator you’d like to nominate for a shoutout? Email us: [email protected]

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