For this month’s edition, we asked creators from our database to nominate a creator who they think should be “up next”.

Crystal Kayiza

Amandla Baraka nominated Crystal Kayiza:

“She’s my pal! We met on the set of a job she was directing that I was hired to shoot stills for. She was really nice! We must have bonded over the fact that everyone kept saying how much we looked alike. Or maybe we bonded over how naturally funny I am.  Fast forward to when I invited her to a retreat in the ‘skills. This solidified our paldom. I admire her tenacity. She’s a go getter but not in a snobby, fearful way. Just plain talented. Like a truth she wears.  It’s always nice to meet kind souls in the industry. We have to stick together and protect each other!”

Seyi Peter Thomas

Antonio “Tronic” McDonald nominated Seyi Peter Thomas:

“Shouting out Seyi Peter-Thomas, because he’s someone I have watched grow and develop into a great comedy director. We started out together in the MTV on-air promos department, and I admire his ability to transition from producing to directing. It’s great to see him doing such dope work.”

Salma Chafouk Idrissi

Caroline Koning nominated Salma Chafouk Idrissi:

“Salma is the director and co-writer of the recent Dutch online series, “Katwalk,” on the YouTube of NPO3. It’s about a young Muslim girl, ‘Kat,’ who breaks with conventions. Salma has a youthful and humanistic approach and is breaking Muslim-girlhood stereotypes. It’s a brave undertaking. The series is receiving praise from the non-Muslim world, as well as the Muslim world. It truly bridges worlds.”

Molly Schiot

Erin Nordstrom nominated Molly Schiot:

“Molly is an incredibly talented director who not only creates thought-provoking films but is also a visual artist and author of the book “Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History.”  Her work highlights the nuances of the human experience, and it’s obvious that she has a real passion for storytelling.   She’s thoughtful, funny, and dedicated to her vision.  She is constantly championing others, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.“

Katharina Hingst

Franck Trozzo Kazagui nominated Katharina Hingst:

“I can’t think of a better person than Katharina when it comes to storytelling, well craft aesthetic, and work ethic! As she wrote on her website, “Her films aim to change the narrative on and off-screen by spotlighting underrepresented and unconventional stories through emotional and captivating visuals that stick with you like a memory.”  And this is what she does to people after they meet or work with her; she sticks with you like a summer memory.”

Nia Imani

Hanna Maria Heidrich nominated Nia Imani:

“With a keen sense of rhythm and an intuitive understanding of the power of poetry, Nia is a master of her editing skills. The work she created for Beyonce alongside powerhouse Janicza Bravo is unique and special. She has an eye for unique beauty, a poet’s sensitivity to language, and a modern understanding of editing artistry. I can’t wait to see more of her work!“

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