Introducing our new series, “Pay It Forward”.

For this edition, we asked talented Black creators from our database to nominate a Black creator who they think should be “up next”.

Adisa Septuri

S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron nominated Adisa Septuri:

“Director Adisa Septuri uses filmmaking to invoke social change, and continues to highlight the extraordinary talented individuals from the African diaspora.”

Discover more of Adisa’s work HERE.

Onyinyechi Ogomaka

Emmanuel Afolabi nominated Onyinyechi “Onyii” Ogomaka:

Onyinyechi “Onyii” Ogomaka is currently in an MFA Film Production, Cinematography program at Chapman’s Dodge College. Her works dive deep into the intricacies of our personal narratives and she expresses them with fine detail and care. She is an aspiring cinematographer that I believe will be the next big thing.”

Discover more of Onyii’s work HERE.

Allison Waite

Lamont Lamar nominated Allison Waite:

Discover more of Allison’s work HERE.

“Director Allison Waite immediately comes to mind. Whether she’s exploring themes of racial justice, identity, or systemic liberation, Waite’s work is always thoughtful, nuanced, and impactful. From directing powerful music videos to creating award-winning documentaries, Waite is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.”

Poster for Tamika Guishard’s “BLACK”

B. Monet nominated Tamika Guishard and Yolanda Hoskey:

Tamika Guishard is a phenomenal filmmaker who is always telling stories about the complexities in Black womanhood. She is always surpassing the limitations of what it means to be a Black woman, in every definition. She’s definitely one to watch!”

Yolanda Hoskey

Discover more of Tamika’s work HERE.

Yolanda is a talented and very gifted photographer who displays the facets of Black humanity in a meaningful way. It’s just a matter of time before the world knows her name.”

Discover more of Yolanda’s work HERE.

Work by Ray Neutron

Tyrone Rhabb nominated Ray Neutron:

Ray Neutron is an Atlanta based photographer and director I’ve worked with whose eye I trust wholeheartedly. Every body of work, every image I’ve seen him produce has so much heart, intention and swag behind it. There’s a beauty and rawness that’s undeniable and makes me lean in hoping to soak up more.”

Discover more of Ray’s work HERE.

Got a talented creator you’d like to nominate for a shoutout? Email us: [email protected]

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